Ter-Mite the most effective non explosive demolition agent!

Dextec Oy Ltd.



Ter-Mite is the ideal solution for stone quarries.

Cutting of stone blocks can be closely controlled with minimal waste of material.


Ter-Mite can be used for multiple applications.

Concrete and reinforced concrete:

  • Controlled demolition of bridges, piers, foundations
  • Controlled cutting
    • Rock:

      • Controlled cutting
      • Tunnel works
      • Boulder removal
      • Mass rock excavation
      • Stone quarrying
      • Trenching
      • Road works
      • Foundation excavation
        • Other:

          • Underwater
          • Underground
          • Inside existing buildings
            • In controlled cutting of concrete and rock, Ter-Mite produces results with minimal waste of material and no damage to surrounding structures.

              In stone quarrying, you can save 30% of usable stone material compared to explosives.

              There is no need to evacuate the job site while excavating with Ter-Mite - men can continue working while Ter-Mite does its job.

              Ter-Mite can be injected into drill holes using shotcreting equipment.

              Use of Ter-Mite does not require licensed personnel or permits.

              Ter-Mite is a non-burning, non-explosive product which can safely be stored in any dry storage.


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Controlled cutting is achieved by carefully planning drilling pattern.

In less than optimal weather conditions, Ter-Mite can be warmed or cooled to control the reaction and increase usable temperature range.

Ter-Mite is safe to use. It will not pollute environment and is non-toxic to users.

Read the user manual carefully before use.

The product is delivered in 20 kg boxes. Each box contains four water-resistant 5 kg plastic bags of Ter-Mite powder.

For larger projects we can deliver 1000 kg pallets with 50 boxes each.

Ter-mite can be matched to your local climate. The basic version of Ter-Mite is very versatile and we recommend it for use throughout most of Europe. Versions for hotter climates are available as special order. This way you can choose the best product to suit current conditions.

You can experiment with hole spacing to use Ter-Mite in the most economical way. Depending on strength of the material to be cracked you can use 20-50cm hole spacing.

You will need about 8-20 kg per 1m3 of rock. Or about 20 kg will fill about 10 metres of 38-40mm drill holes.

Factors affecting the amount used:
1. material type (rock, concrete etc.)
2. hole diameter (bigger hole = more force but also more volume)
3. hole spacing (closer = more Ter-Mite used)
4. is the rock/concrete to be removed by hand? (= more holes -> smaller pieces)
5. is machinery like excavators available? (=less holes -> bigger pieces)

Estimation by volume:

Drill size: 40mm
Drilled holes in metres: 50m
If all holes are filled: 50m x 2.2kg= 110kg

Hole diameter mm 38 40 45 51
Metres filled with 5kg 2.6 2.3 1.9 1.5
Kg per drilled metre 1.9 2.2 2.6 3.3

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